Surviving the Shark: By Jonathan and Margaret Kathrein

Just published in this summer by Skyhorse Publishing. 

Introduction by David McGuire, Sea Stewards

Afterward by Wallace J. Nichols, PhD

The true story of a great white shark attack at Stinson Beach. Learn how Jonathan survived and how he became an advocate for shark protection.

LA Times recommends Surviving the Shark for summer reading:

“If you want people to notice you at the beach. . . take this book along. . . Heads will turn.” LA Times, June 3, 2012


The New Yorker features Surviving the Shark as a “Page-Turner.”

The New Yorker, June 15, 2012

Read more here: http://sloblogs.thetribunenews.com/sidetracked/2012/08/should-we-ignore-that-shark-sign/#storylink=cpy

Publishers Weekly asks "Have you ever had the feeling you’re not alone in the water? It’s that edgy sensation that causes you to search in every direction, wondering if something could be out there with you. And suddenly you wonder why all your friends seem so far away..." Publishers Weekly, June 29, 2012

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Far From Shore - A Mother's Memoir of a Shark Attack

Marge Kathrein just published a new book - Far from Shore - A Mother's Memoir of a Shark Attack.  
It's available now on Amazon.com here.  
Publisher's description:
It was the final day of summer, 1998, when sixteen-year-old surfer Jonathan Kathrein paddled out on his board for one last ride at Stinson Beach, in the area known as the Red Triangle. When the great white shark struck, it so decimated the boy’s hip and leg that his survival was considered miraculous. From this vicious and terrifying attack, and from the lengthy and painful post-surgical rehabilitation that followed, comes Margaret Kathrein’s moving and deeply inspirational memoir, Far From Shore: A Mother’s Memoir of a Shark Attack. This book is more than a narration on survival and courage; it is a reminder of the importance of a close and encouraging family, and how the love and support of family and community can sustain us through unrelenting pain and fear. This is also a memorable insight into how one boy faced the possibility of death and grew to be an extraordinary man.
Also go check out her book's website at   www.FarFromShoreTheBook.com

Stinson Beach on June 28, 2009

Pat Norton, the life guard on this beach the day Jonathan was attacked
by a Great White in 1998, estimated 30,000 sun worshippers here this
day. We had hoped to get some desserted beach pictures, but the day
was just too beautiful. Sent by iPhone.


iPhone post with photo. 

If this works I may try live posts.


Houston Jones at Freight & Salvage

We had wonderful evening exploring a, new to me, music venue in Berkeley last Saturday. Just a few blocks from my office is Freight & Salvage, a coffee shop that has been legendary in Berkeley for over 40 years. It's specialty is "traditional music", broadly speaking. While it is currently in an old auto mechanics garage, in a few weeks it moves up Addison closer to Shattuck to a new multi-million dollar venue...not bad for a non-profit coffee house.

Better still, we were treated to the music of Houston Jones, a local Northern California Band with roots all over the United States. This band claims it plays High Octane American music, but I would call it some of the best complex rock/jazz/country/classical and down right silly music I have heard in a long time. The band gets its name from its leaders, Travis Jones on vocals and rhythm guitar,and Glenn Houston, on lead. While I would consider Travis to be the lead, the name Jones Houston would have been a mistake. Peter Tucker plays drums, Chris Kee plays bass and writes many of their songs, and Henry Salvia handles the keyboards. Check them out.


Torture Memos


Gunther Kathrein 2

Below, in another entry, I provide a link to Gunther Kathrein's photography website. This is a continued test of the capabilities of this site and its ability to use photographs in the entries. Please visit Gunter Kathrein's site by clicking on the photo:


ssed the first post about Gunther, here is another of his pictures: