Too Little Too Late...Fastow and Enron

The Wall street journal announces that a federal judge tentatively accepted a plea agreement Thursday for the wife of former Enron Corp. finance chief Andrew S. Fastow, a move that could lead to a plea from Mr. Fastow and possibly his cooperation with prosecutors investigating the energy company's collapse. Fastow would get only 5 months in prison and have to pay up to $20 million of the $30 million prosecutors say he stole. Is this justice for all the investors who lost their life savings?



I have created this site principally as an experiment to see what can be done with blogging tools and news feeds to aggregate information on corporate fraud. Please excuse the temporary nature of the site. I would rather keep the experiment public so that others can comment and help me create a uselful site. The other site where I first tested this is my Corporate Fraud Blog using blogger. I quickly found, however, that blogger had very limited tools,though it is free. Let me hear from you.

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